Sebastián Deyá Gallery

fine art paintings

Borges quotes Whistler´s “Art happens”, and goes on to say “it takes place. Art is a little miracle ... that somehow eludes the organized causality of history. Yes, art happens or doesn´t happen; this does not depend on the artist.

The Idea

The Gallery was founded in 2007, coming from a family gallery with 30 years of experience in South America.

With a Gallery in Buenos Aires, office and deposit in Miami, deposit in NY, we guarantee a professional service in packaging and delivery our fine art.

Sebastián Deyá Gallery is a privately-owned family business that acquires and sells to other art dealers and private clientèle worldwide. All works are authentic and well preserved, all acquisitions are provided with a certificate of authenticity.

Born into a familly of art and antique dealers, Sebastian has always had a passion for paintings. Specialist in European works of art seeks quality and good taste pieces.


Art fairs

  1. Miami beach antique show
  2. Baltimore
  3. Pier Art and Antique Show
  4. NY Fall Show